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Join Lone Star

Ready to join? The Pool makes it easy to get started.

Our team is ready to help you join Lone Star Investment Pool. Please reach out by calling 800.558.8875 or 512.467.3655 or emailing and we will walk you through the process.

To start, we encourage you to download and review the Lone Star Investment Pool Information Statement and Enrollment Book, which includes the information and applications you need to join.

Here’s a general overview of what’s required:

  1. Adopt the Lone Star Investment Pool Resolution (page 22).
  2. Execute an Investment Agreement (page 24).
  3. Complete sections A, B, and C of the Lone Star Application (page 32), which gather essential information about you and your local depository bank.
  4. Complete the First Public Account Application (page 34).
  5. Review the Information Statement (pages 4-17) and the Lone Star Investment Policy before investing in the Pool.
  6. Email all executed documents to

After we receive and approve your application, we send an account number and individual access codes for each authorized representative you designate.

Once your account is open, your organization may make the initial deposit. To open additional accounts, simply copy and complete sections B and C of the Lone Star Application (page 32).

Call us at 800.558.8875 or email to get started.

How can we help?

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If you have questions about joining the Lone Star Investment Pool or developing a public funds investment portfolio that prioritizes safety and liquidity, reach out to one of our customer service representatives.